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ISBN 0-9718286-3-6

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Charles I
by Hilaire Belloc

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With a Foreword by Dr. Clyde Wilson, and
an Introduction by Michael Hennessy
Belloc has written elsewhere that the victory of the Reformation in England led to its victory in much of the rest of Europe. That victory unleashed the forces of social disintegration – Protestantism, Capitalism, and anti-Catholicism – and led them to challenge the tradition of Monarchy on the field of battle. This book tells the story of how Charles I came to face those forces, manipulated by the Money Power, and how and why he failed. Charles Ireads like “a ripping yarn,” but it explores the personalities, the issues, the clashes, and the circumstances as they were. Thus it is not “acceptable orthodoxy.” But it is real history. Originally published: London, 1933.

IHS Press is pleased to present a Foreword to this edition by Dr. Clyde Wilson and an Introduciton by Michael Hennessy.

Dr. Clyde Wilson is Professor of History at the University of South Carolina. He has written or edited more than thirty books, most recently From Union to Empire: Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition (2002). Dr. Wilson is a contributing editor of Chronicles magazine and director of the League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern Culture and History.

Michael Hennessy received his MA in Modern History from Oriel College, Oxford. A student of Parliamentary history and politics, he now serves as Private Secretary to the Principal Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons.

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